iPhones in 2018: What you need to know

Source: KGI Research

Source: KGI Research

It’s a new year and new iPhones are gonna be hitting the shelves soon! Most rumors on the internet are talking about three new iPhones, all following the iPhone X model with full screen displays and no home button. According to MacRumors.com there will be two OLED phones, one the same size as the current iPhone X with a 5.8 inch display and a plus sized version with a stunning 6.5 inches of high quality full screen display. Apple will also reportedly be releasing a more affordable phone with a 6.1 inch LCD screen, their first LCD version in the new vein of button-less phones.

What this means for you

This new era of edge-to-edge screens means the retiring of Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition feature. You won’t be able to log into your phone with your thumb anymore but instead you’ll be able to use your face! That’s right, all three will feature Face ID facial recognition software along with improved displays, the new speedy A12 processors, and between 3-4GB of RAM, a huge jump over the previous 2-3 GB previously offered. These phones will be faster and have higher quality displays than any others Apple has released to date.

How to get one of these phones

2018 is a big year for new sleek iPhones, and it also might be your chance to land one of these beautiful new full screen display phones for your own. Most service providers offer trade-in and upgrade programs for customers who have been with them for a while, so if you’ve had your current phone for more than a year it might be a good idea to check with your service provider to see if you’re eligible for one of the new iPhones! It’s important to remember that carriers don’t accept phones with damaged screens for trade-in, so if you’re looking to get your paws on a new phone but your current screen is damaged, consider calling or making an appointment with us here