What to do if my iPhone charger doesn’t stay in my phone?


Some tips and tricks to get your phone charging again

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to plug your phone in to charge but it doesn’t work! The cable may be loose or not plug in all the way, or you have to hold the cable at just the right angle to get your phone to start charging. These problems with your charging port can be extremely annoying to deal with, and can even lead to a dead phone with no fix in sight! Well don’t worry. Most charging issues come down to one simple and easy to fix issue.

You might have a clogged port

That’s right, a clogged charging port is probably the cause of all your problems. Your phone lives in your pocket along with quite a bit of lint and dust. Over time, small bits of fluff can get in the charging port and then are packed in by your charger when you plug it in. When these clumps build up they can stop your phone from charging. To fix this problem, turn your phone off and insert small tweezers or needle nose pliers into the charging port. Dig out any dust mites you can, making sure to focus on the corners of the charging port. Once you’ve excavated some dust, try plugging your charger in again and see if it works!

Let us fix it

If you don’t have the time, tools, or training to attempt this fix, don’t worry! Come to your nearest Phone Repair Hut where a technician will be happy to take a look at your charging port and clean it out for free. It should take our tech just a few minutes to clean out your charging port but this simple repair can save your phone.