Help! Wet Phone

Your phone is wet and what to do about it


So your phone ran into some water and nobody is happy about it. Take three deep breaths. Everything is going to be ok. First, do not charge or try to turn on your phone. Passing electricity through wet circuits is a sure fire way to fry a chip and turn your phone from a computer into a small hunk of metal. Instead, put your phone into a bag of dry rice and let it sit for at least a couple days and up to a week. At this point we are trying remove all the moisture from inside your phone so that when we try turning it back on it won’t short circuit anything.

Next Steps

Once your phone has been drying out for a while, you can try turning it on, but be aware that the longer the phone has been drying the more likely your phone will work. If it doesn’t turn on or is having some clear problems, or if you tried turning it on right after it took a bath and it seems broken, don’t lose hope! Bring your phone by your local Phone Repair Hut.

Our process

We will fully disassemble your phone into small parts, and immerse your phone’s brain, the logic board, into an ultrasonic bath of isopropyl alcohol. This will expel all remaining drops of water hiding between circuits and under connectors. Then we will allow the phone to dry in a sterile environment for at least a few hours - that’s all it takes for the pure alcohol to evaporate completely. Finally we will reassemble the phone and turn it on! This process doesn’t work every time, but when it does, your waterlogged phone can go from drowned to revived and back in your hands in just a couple days.