Don’t Let that Screen Crack: How to lead an unbroken life

Nobody likes a shattered screen. We’ve all been there, tiny shards of glass splintering into our fingers, a spiderweb of doom obscuring your text messages, or even in severe cases distorted colors and unresponsive touch screens that leave your phone next to useless! In those trying times you can always come to your nearest Phone Repair Hut for a fast screen replacement, but what if you want to keep the phone doctor away?


Preventative Care for your Screen

The first step to your new crack-free life is a tempered glass screen protector. You can get one installed at one of our shops quickly and easily. This sheet of hardened glass will act like a bodyguard to your real screen, putting its life on the line and stepping in to absorb blows from pavement sidewalks and car doors. A broken screen protector is a whole lot cheaper to replace than a full phone screen!

Our second tip focuses on care. Make sure to keep your phone in a secure pocket, and try not to use it too much on the move - most screen breaks happen from relatively small drops. Also keep it up out of the reach of children and dogs - your pup might get jealous of the attention you give to your screen and we have had plenty of chewed on phones come through our stores.

Lots of breaks are out of our hands, and many of us will eventually suffer a cracked screen no matter how hard we try to keep our precious cells safe. If you or a loved one you know suffers from a cracked screen don’t panic! Place some clear tape over the worst damage to prevent glass shards from falling out and potentially pricking your fingers, and bring your phone to a Phone Repair Hut to get it fixed in just 30 minutes or less!