Movin On In: We're Coming to Elmwood!

Newcomers to the Neighborhood!

Catch us in BerkeleySide’s latest Shop Talk article! We are incredibly excited to be opening our third Berkeley location and fifth East Bay store and can’t wait to start repairing all the Elmwood phones we can get our hands on. Swing by and mention BerkeleySide’s article for a discount at the new shop.

Our spiffy new store

Our spiffy new store


We should be easy to spot in our fishbowl kiosk on the corner of College and Russel. Just drop by the big green hut and fill out a quick form and you can leave your phone in the hands of our capable repair technician while you enjoy a quick stroll around the neighborhood. Pack away a scone or two at Baker and Commons. Pop a cap on that noggin at Goorin Bros Hat shop! Grab a bottle of wine for that dinner party you forgot about over at Berkeley Vintage and then wander back by the shop to pick up your phone just 25 minutes after you dropped it off.


We hope to see you at the new store soon!

iPhones in 2018: What you need to know

Source: KGI Research

Source: KGI Research

It’s a new year and new iPhones are gonna be hitting the shelves soon! Most rumors on the internet are talking about three new iPhones, all following the iPhone X model with full screen displays and no home button. According to there will be two OLED phones, one the same size as the current iPhone X with a 5.8 inch display and a plus sized version with a stunning 6.5 inches of high quality full screen display. Apple will also reportedly be releasing a more affordable phone with a 6.1 inch LCD screen, their first LCD version in the new vein of button-less phones.

What this means for you

This new era of edge-to-edge screens means the retiring of Touch ID, Apple’s fingerprint recognition feature. You won’t be able to log into your phone with your thumb anymore but instead you’ll be able to use your face! That’s right, all three will feature Face ID facial recognition software along with improved displays, the new speedy A12 processors, and between 3-4GB of RAM, a huge jump over the previous 2-3 GB previously offered. These phones will be faster and have higher quality displays than any others Apple has released to date.

How to get one of these phones

2018 is a big year for new sleek iPhones, and it also might be your chance to land one of these beautiful new full screen display phones for your own. Most service providers offer trade-in and upgrade programs for customers who have been with them for a while, so if you’ve had your current phone for more than a year it might be a good idea to check with your service provider to see if you’re eligible for one of the new iPhones! It’s important to remember that carriers don’t accept phones with damaged screens for trade-in, so if you’re looking to get your paws on a new phone but your current screen is damaged, consider calling or making an appointment with us here


What to do if my iPhone charger doesn’t stay in my phone?


Some tips and tricks to get your phone charging again

We’ve all been there: you’re trying to plug your phone in to charge but it doesn’t work! The cable may be loose or not plug in all the way, or you have to hold the cable at just the right angle to get your phone to start charging. These problems with your charging port can be extremely annoying to deal with, and can even lead to a dead phone with no fix in sight! Well don’t worry. Most charging issues come down to one simple and easy to fix issue.

You might have a clogged port

That’s right, a clogged charging port is probably the cause of all your problems. Your phone lives in your pocket along with quite a bit of lint and dust. Over time, small bits of fluff can get in the charging port and then are packed in by your charger when you plug it in. When these clumps build up they can stop your phone from charging. To fix this problem, turn your phone off and insert small tweezers or needle nose pliers into the charging port. Dig out any dust mites you can, making sure to focus on the corners of the charging port. Once you’ve excavated some dust, try plugging your charger in again and see if it works!

Let us fix it

If you don’t have the time, tools, or training to attempt this fix, don’t worry! Come to your nearest Phone Repair Hut where a technician will be happy to take a look at your charging port and clean it out for free. It should take our tech just a few minutes to clean out your charging port but this simple repair can save your phone.

Help! Wet Phone

Your phone is wet and what to do about it


So your phone ran into some water and nobody is happy about it. Take three deep breaths. Everything is going to be ok. First, do not charge or try to turn on your phone. Passing electricity through wet circuits is a sure fire way to fry a chip and turn your phone from a computer into a small hunk of metal. Instead, put your phone into a bag of dry rice and let it sit for at least a couple days and up to a week. At this point we are trying remove all the moisture from inside your phone so that when we try turning it back on it won’t short circuit anything.

Next Steps

Once your phone has been drying out for a while, you can try turning it on, but be aware that the longer the phone has been drying the more likely your phone will work. If it doesn’t turn on or is having some clear problems, or if you tried turning it on right after it took a bath and it seems broken, don’t lose hope! Bring your phone by your local Phone Repair Hut.

Our process

We will fully disassemble your phone into small parts, and immerse your phone’s brain, the logic board, into an ultrasonic bath of isopropyl alcohol. This will expel all remaining drops of water hiding between circuits and under connectors. Then we will allow the phone to dry in a sterile environment for at least a few hours - that’s all it takes for the pure alcohol to evaporate completely. Finally we will reassemble the phone and turn it on! This process doesn’t work every time, but when it does, your waterlogged phone can go from drowned to revived and back in your hands in just a couple days.

Speaker Troubleshooting Tips


How to fix your buzzing or muffled iPhone speaker

Is your speaker no longer pumping beats over your morning shower? Can’t hear your alarm from across the room? Is a weird buzzing noise totally harshing your morning meditation vibe? All these common problems have one likely culprit - dirt! As you carry your phone on the daily, it runs into pocket lint, dust, and other debris that can stick in the small speaker holes on the bottom of your phone, on the right side of the charging port. As these dirtwads clog up your soundholes they can impede the flow of air from the speaker out to your ears, which can cause a range of problems from decreased volume to reduced audio quality.

How do I fix it?

Luckily there are some quick and easy at-home remedies for this speaker issue. First, try using a soft bristled brush, like a clean toothbrush, to gently scrub the affected area. This should dislodge any free pieces of dirt and clear up the air pipes to deliver melodious beats once again. Sometimes dirt can solidify and is too tough to clear out with a brush. For stubborn, sticky dust, try tape. Cut a small length of some sturdy tape like duct or electrical tape. Put it over the speaker holes and then press it gently into each hole with a small paperclip or toothpick (or whatever will fit). The tape should stick to the dust so that when you pull it away, the dirt will come too and you will be left with blessedly clean speakers and crisp, clear sound.

Don’t Let that Screen Crack: How to lead an unbroken life

Nobody likes a shattered screen. We’ve all been there, tiny shards of glass splintering into our fingers, a spiderweb of doom obscuring your text messages, or even in severe cases distorted colors and unresponsive touch screens that leave your phone next to useless! In those trying times you can always come to your nearest Phone Repair Hut for a fast screen replacement, but what if you want to keep the phone doctor away?


Preventative Care for your Screen

The first step to your new crack-free life is a tempered glass screen protector. You can get one installed at one of our shops quickly and easily. This sheet of hardened glass will act like a bodyguard to your real screen, putting its life on the line and stepping in to absorb blows from pavement sidewalks and car doors. A broken screen protector is a whole lot cheaper to replace than a full phone screen!

Our second tip focuses on care. Make sure to keep your phone in a secure pocket, and try not to use it too much on the move - most screen breaks happen from relatively small drops. Also keep it up out of the reach of children and dogs - your pup might get jealous of the attention you give to your screen and we have had plenty of chewed on phones come through our stores.

Lots of breaks are out of our hands, and many of us will eventually suffer a cracked screen no matter how hard we try to keep our precious cells safe. If you or a loved one you know suffers from a cracked screen don’t panic! Place some clear tape over the worst damage to prevent glass shards from falling out and potentially pricking your fingers, and bring your phone to a Phone Repair Hut to get it fixed in just 30 minutes or less!


Welcome to the Phone Repair Hut blog!

About us

We are very excited to launch the official Phone Repair Hut blog and let you know a little bit about us.   

Phone Repair Hut was started in August 2016 by two friends who met while living in the Berkeley Student Cooperative.  The founders Axel and Oliver share a passion for entrepreneurship, DIY culture and love for technology.  They were frustrated with the confines of Apple and believe in the right to repair your device with anyone!

Phone Repair Hut was established with a goal to provide exceptional customer service, quick turn around times, and competitive pricing. 

We have grown from our little shop in Rockridge, Oakland to four locations in Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda! Come by and say hello.

What do we do?

iPhone Repair:

We specialize in iPhone screen repair.   Whether it is cracked, broken or not responding, chances are that we can fix it.  Most cracked iPhone screen repairs are complete in under thirty minutes.  

We don't just fix screens! We keep all parts for almost every model of iPhone in stock.  Do you have a bad battery, charging issues or shaky camera?  We can fix that too!

Samsung Galaxy Repair:

In addition to iPhones we service Samsung Galaxy S and Note series.  If your screen is busted on your Galaxy we have the parts and expertise to get it fixed and get you connected.  If your battery life could be better, we can fix that too!

iPad Repair:

Yes, we can fix that cracked iPad screen as well!